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Spiritual Nazism

What is spiritual nazism, and why is it dangerous for a person? How is it manifested on the spiritual path? How does substitution of the goal and concentration on one’s own little selfish world occur? How does consciousness replace spiritual knowledge for a person, and what does it focus his attention on? How does spiritual growth occur, and what is it really like, unembellished? What is the coarse material world like? What is the Spiritual World like? Associative comparisons of the Spiritual World and the material world. What happens when a person gets into the Spiritual World (the world of God, the world of angels)? What was the purpose of building egg-shaped temples in ancient times? Learn about this and many other things in the video “Spiritual Nazism” with the participation of Igor Mikhailovich Danilov.

Videos with Igor Mikhailovich Danilov


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