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Spiritual Practice is the True Joy of Life!

In all religions, there is a trend to perform regular prayer practices or namaz. Is there magic when a person repeats mantras and observes rituals? What does such prayer or namaz lead to? Are these rituals associated with fanaticism? Can these practices, which people perform reluctantly, lead them to God?

Why is it difficult for people who have embarked on the spiritual path to perform spiritual practices? With whom have they concluded an agreement so as to pray reluctantly or skip prayers? Only liars perform a practice as a magic rite.

How often did the Prophet Muhammad pray? Why did he pray so frequently? The Prophet did not pray, he lived and was Home, and he came here to fulfill that mission which he was fulfilling.

In the same way, Jesus Christ prayed, He also came here from His native Home in order to fulfill His mission. If we recall Buddha, he was in spiritual practice at every opportunity because it was the most valuable thing for him. Saints prayed the same way, too, who had a hard time returning to this world to take care of their bodies.

Those who really love God, who live by the Spiritual World, may be compared to divers: they live there in unity with the Spiritual World, take a breath of air and come into this world, holding their breath, in order to teach people so that they understand what Love is and what true Life is.
For a person who truly loves God, there is nothing more valuable than being in Love with God every minute.

There is also another value, when you have gained Life and share it with others, then collective diving cannot be compared to anything else: it is the true joy of Life! It never ends!

Watch the full version of the video “FOR EVERYONE” with Igor Mikhailovich Danilov, a fragment of which is presented herein.

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