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Stopped progress | Kaleidoscope of Facts 33

Humanity strained and… stepped a hundred years back. How did this happen? Are you ready to find out the truth? The international team of researchers continues to unveil little-known chapters in the chronicle of humankind.

In this documentary, we will reveal the secret of the rapid leap forward that humanity could have taken in the early years of the past century, but it didn’t. Who then hit the brakes on progress? And how can we avoid repeating the mistakes of the past now?

💡What stopped scientific and technological progress? Or who?
💡 Tram “wonders” of the 19th century.
💡Elevators from a century ago.
💡Why were we transferred to automobile transportation?
💡Sabotage in science, or What do we know about Albert Einstein?
💡What will our future look like when progressive technologies start to be implemented into everyday life?

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