Tuesday, October 20, 2020
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Storm Apocalypse → Kazakhstan, Greece, Russia. Snowstorms → Central Asia | Hurricanes and fires


Climate. The Future is Now

Sharp climate change. What should everyone know? How to survive tomorrow? The programme, which acutely raises vital topics of climate change on the planet and warns about the upcoming events.

Impending cataclysms. Relationships between people. Revival of Humaneness

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It is coming. Се грядёт.

Inevitability of the serious upcoming climate changes, the global nature and magnitude of which one can see today over the whole planet, makes everyone face the necessity of the personal choice. Already in the nearest future, THIS will concern everyone.


The value of life on the verge of events that are changing the world. What disaster is coming upon humanity? What will happen in the nearest years? What problems of survival will the overwhelming majority of people living today face?

On the Problems and Consequences of Global Climate Change on Earth. Effective Ways to Solve These Problems

The report “On the Problems and Consequences of Global Climate Change on Earth. Effective Ways to Solve These Problems” was read out by Kristina...

In this episode of Climate Breaking News:

  • People living in Norway and Iceland see snow fall quite often, but early April saw record snow showers, disrupting people’s routines. Heavy snow fell in northern Norway.
  • Blizzards heaped snow on the southern and western parts of Iceland.
  • Hurricane winds and snow storms swept through several regions of Russia. These natural disasters led to massive blackouts in many areas. Infrastructure suffered significant damage.
  • The Arctic cyclone that had been sweeping through Russia advanced far south and brought snowfalls to the southern part of Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, and even Tajikistan.

Large-scale forest fires have become more frequent on the planet. Some of them are considered to be the result of record temperatures and low precipitation. When the spring came, the number of fires has increased mainly due to irresponsible behaviour of people. But is that the only cause of fires around the world?

While some regions of the planet are experiencing large-scale forest fires due to lack of precipitation, others are experiencing floods due to its overabundance. What is the reason for this uneven distribution of rainfall across the planet?

  • An earthen dam broke in Monterey, Tennessee, USA, resulting in a flood in Putnam County.
  • After stormy weather in Greece, a state of emergency was declared in three municipalities in the Thessaly region.
  • People were affected by floods caused by heavy rains in Papua New Guinea.

Understanding the urgency of global climate change and the importance of informing all of humanity about this, the team of IT experts created the ALLATRA CLIMATE page on the ALLATRA TV website. This page contains truthful and relevant information about the current climatic situation on the planet and the ways out of it for all of humanity.

The platform of ALLATRA International Public Movement hosts the project “CREATIVE SOCIETY”

As part of this project, people from all over the world take video interviews, make video calls and have international live broadcasts ‘6 degrees of connection’. People share insightful information about their countries and how they see the creative society. The more people express their opinion, the faster the model of a creative society will unfold.