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Subpersonalities remember everything

Anastasia: This means that subpersonalities remember everything.

Rigden: Yes. They are intelligent structures. And they are very scared and tormented by the future reincarnation which, on one hand, extends their agony, and on the other hand, brings the final death closer. That is why it is very important for the living Personality to do everything possible and impossible in life in order to unite with its Soul. The objective of the Animal nature during the Personality’s life is to divert the latter from the Spiritual nature by any means, whether in thoughts, wishes, actions, or deeds – it matters not, so long as man covets the material, earthly, and mortal. The Animal nature will use any means to achieve its end, including such manifestations of subpersonalities. There is no Good in the Animal nature! It is mortal. That is why its intention, just like that of any intelligent matter, is to gain control over other matter and use its life force for its own purposes. The Animal nature does everything possible in order to change the direction of life vector of the Personality and distract it from the Spiritual nature. It does not disdain to use any means, its entire “arsenal”. And that, first and foremost, is aggression, attack. It is a search for the person’s weak spot, where he or she can be mentally “bitten” and emotionally “hit” or simply tempted with another “sweet” illusion. It constantly imposes new settings on a person or activates the old ones. The Animal nature is dead man’s dictatorship!

Anastasia: You have hit the nail on the head about dead man’s dictatorship. As they say, the earth is a coffin for every dead man. Everything that a person desires in this material world is indeed transient and mortal…

Rigden: The clever tricks of the Animal nature are varied. If a person does not understand himself, he has a hard time in this life and still harder afterwards. And it’s not about external conditions but rather about human choice. Life passes very quickly. And the worst thing about human existence is not the death of the body. The worst thing is when a person has lived his life in an illusory oblivion of this world and understood nothing when his Personality has not evolved in the spiritual aspect. Then absolute inevitability comes for him: here, you suffered during your life whereas there, you will suffer for centuries and will have no chance to change anything since there will no longer be an instrument for this as opposed to the Personality which is in the body. For the subpersonality, such a situation is equivalent to the plight of a hungry person who is standing and watching an abundance of different food behind the glass without being able to reach it. Food seems to be so close but the glass prevents him from taking it. That is when questions start pouring from the subpersonality’s egoism such as: “Why me?! I’ve been so good!” Because you were choosing momentary pleasures, material things instead of Eternity. Because in your thoughts, you secretly lusted for power over others, pleased your Animal nature, and acted against your Conscience. Because you were wasting each passing day, both in deeds and in thoughts, on your egocentrism. And such “becauses” are many in all the days of your short life wherever you look…

From the book “AllatRa” by A. Novykh

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