Subpersonality is a sincere desire for consciousness

When I’m with God – I have nothing to fear.

Every year more and more programs are released by ALLATRA TV with the participation of Igor Mikhailovich Danilov. Each program is not just a series of familiar faces, not just answers to questions, but it’s a live conversation about the most significant and important thing for a person.

On February 20, 2018, a program called “SUICID. AFTERMATH FATE” was released. The topic, of course, is not funny, but very important. Important and valuable not only with informational content, but also with the way it helps to see the act of consciousness in oneself.

I am sure many people have repeatedly heard in their head the phrases “It’s not enough time, I will not have time to merge with my soul”, “Come on, I do not have time and it’s okey – subpersonality is also normal, I’ll merge with my soul in the next life”. Perhaps at night you were afraid and in the head the thought was circulating that there might be those nearby that are hiding in the shadows. Friends, all this is another lie of consciousness, another trap that it has set for the Personality. As it was said in one of the programs – a hook, which it hooked this carcass and pulls into the grave.

The imposed by consciousness emotion of fear will never lead to Life. Fear is not Life, fear is death, death of you as a Personality, death as an Angel.

After viewing the program “SUICID. AFTERMATH FATE “, I realized that becoming a subpersonality is a sincere desire of consciousness! It is only this desire that it hides and presents to the Individual as the fear of not being able to merge with the Soul as a fear of becoming subpersonality. And to become a subpersonality, the mind is ready to get into any mud, in any, to put it mildly, adventure.

How did it manifest itself? During the viewing of the above program, the consciousness every 5 minutes said: “Goodness! God forbid this.” After the program, it began offering pictures of the story, which was told in the program about the guy and the girl, the murder and the suicide that followed. I managed to ignore it and not get involved. Just observed.

Then the consciousness began to suggest to think that kanduk is scary, and it is not known where it is possible to run into it. And in parallel with this mental suggestion, consciousness began to impose also fear. In response to such suggestions of consciousness – I offered it to read the book “AllatRa” by Anastasia Novykh. As the consciousness tried to thicken the paint, as it actively threw pictures of scenes of murder, mockery, thoughts of shady dwellers, kanduks – I began to read slowly and slowly, thoughtfully, I immerse into every word I read. All attention was in reading and in Lotus. And as more and more I managed to ignore consciousness and not feed it with attention, it raged more and more. It was directly felt this rage and throwing. It’s still like the child in hysterics pulls the parent to the store display with toys, and the parent slowly but surely goes to the supermarket door.

And at some point the consciousness in my head screamed: “I want to be subpersonality! I want to meet a kanduk! This is 100% subpersonality!” Frankly, at first I involuntarily froze. It is literally a fraction of seconds of hanging up from surprise and again returned to reading. Without fear, without conviction, I just continued to read – slowly and thoughtfully. And inside was a joy, joy from the fact that consciousness in fury told the truth about itself. Joy from the fact that consciousness was hurt. After some time, such a thoughtful reading of the book “AllatRa”, I caught myself on the fact that now nobody interferes with reading. It’s quiet in my head! Consciousness is silent! Inside, there was a feeling of joy and gratitude to God, thanks to the Spiritual World for support and care, for the given chance to become Alive.

And finally, I would like to quote the words of Igor Mikhailovich, said in one of the programs:

You are not eyes, you are not consciousness, you are a Personality. So, my friend, Living better is much better than being dead in a world of shadows. And it is true

Friends, let’s Live …


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