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Conversation with Igor Mikhailovich Danilov.

A shocking programme revealing the truth about suicides, death, and transitional states. Eyewitnesses’ stories. Autocide. Why do innocent children, teenagers, and mentally healthy people who did not even think about committing suicide, die? For what reasons do people not notice information substitutions and destructive implantations in their consciousness? Who benefits from popularizing in the world destructive films, songs, books, youth subcultures, suicidal cartoons, quests, and computer games?

Subpersonality. Experience and knowledge of mankind about the after-death fate, about the deceased’s stay in the state of subpersonality. Why mustn’t we communicate with the dead, but we should let them go? Why do the deceased relatives come in our sleep? How can we help them while keeping ourselves safe? Stories of eyewitnesses who have experienced the state of subpersonality, clinical death, parting with deceased relatives. The truth about hungry spirits and the world of the dead. Kanduks, lemboys, klokhtuns, iznyls. Methods of their influence on people and their hunting grounds.

How to gain Life? How not to succumb to the provocations of your consciousness and to protect yourself, your loved ones, relatives and friends from invisible influence? Why it is necessary to work on yourself and spiritually improve yourself.

Informed is forewarned!

The “Ezoosmos” book by Anastasia Novykh


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