Wednesday, January 20, 2021

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Islam: Religion of Love. Answers to Questions

Dear viewers, we offer you the episode of the series of programs "Islam: Religion of Love", which is also dedicated to answering your questions.Why...

American Dream. What Has Gone Wrong?

American dream… Stability, Success, Peace, Prosperity, Greatness. But what do we have instead?How could THIS have become our reality?! What have we come to?...

Supreme Imams have declared their full readiness to speak out! Prophet’s Covenant will be fulfilled!

Dear friends! On December 20, 2020, a large-scale event of global significance took place: the unique international online conference Creative Society. United We Can.This...

Happy New Year 2021 from Igor Mikhailovich Danilov

2021 New Year Greeting from Igor Mikhailovich Danilov.

Creative Society — RoyStar SoundSick. Song Premiere

Lyrics:The time has come for us to seeIt's up to you It's up to me To build the world we wanna beThe Creative SocietyTake...

I want to live in Creative Society. Song Premiere

I want to live in Creative Society, In the world of prosperity of humankind!  I deserve to live in Creative Society  With all credibility, in...

Fragments from the video

Why don’t we remember past lives ?

Why does a human not remember his past lives? Is there reincarnation and rebirth of the Soul? What is the main law of reincarnation...

Global changes. Will we choose a better world ?

The global conferences on May 11 and June 22, 2019 have created a major precedent, the ripple effect of which can still be felt....

How Sumer, Akkad and Babylone scriptures shaped today’s common beliefs

Did it ever occur to you that the image of God as an oldman sitting on a throne is a stereotype imposed on you...

Unknown history of Sumer and Mesopotamia. Origins of modern civilization. Film Atlantis. Part 2

Have you ever wondered why all ancient history books start around the 4th millenium BC from Mesopotamia and the Sumer civilization? Why are we...