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The AllatRa Book Has Been Published

Dear friends! The AllatRa book has been published as a print edition. It’s a fundamental book. It contains much primordial knowledge that activates the Spiritual nature in a human being. Naturally, from the first pages, this can provoke resistance of the Animal nature which will manifest its stereotypical directives such as resistance of the mind from egoism, emergence of a thousand and one reasons of “urgent matters” just to postpone reading the book, trite laziness or fear, discomfort due to the fact that you are not thoroughly familiar with one or another issue being discussed. But one shouldn’t yield to these provocations. As they say, it’s impossible to cognize everything, but one should strive for this. When you read the book to the end, you will get answers to many questions that concern you (just like any other person) as regard to yourself, to the world, to the society. This will enable you to perceive both yourself and the world from completely new perspectives, and thus, to have a more realistic view of what is happening.

When you finish reading the AllatRa book, I recommend that you read it again. The first reading helps to cursorily familiarize oneself with the general scope of information and to go beyond the limits of subconscious directives and blinkers of consciousness. While the second reading enables one to consider specific knowledge in the format of general information set forth in the book, and therefore to compare, to confront, to analyse it already from the perspective of a new perception of the world. After the second reading, I recommend that you take a one-week break and observe yourself and the surrounding world in the light of already obtained knowledge: to watch news on the internet, informational content of TV and radio programmes, articles in newspapers, to talk to your friends and acquaintances on the subjects of concern to them and to listen to their responses. That is, to simply observe the world around in the context of the knowledge gained from the book. And then to analyse all this in accordance with the information given in the AllatRa book. If later on, you reread this book again, but already from the perspective of the experience of personal observations you have gained, I’m sure you will discover a lot for yourself of what you previously haven’t paid attention to, but what covertly influenced your life, formed your opinion and set life goals, manipulated your consciousness and power of attention. You will discover yourself and the society, in which you have lived until now, anew. You will be astonished by how much of important information has been missed during the first readings of the book due to stable patterns imposed on you from outside, which an ordinary person not engaged in self-exploration doesn’t even notice in his or her everyday life. The phenomenon of the AllatRa book is that no matter how many times you reread this book in the future, you’ll still discover something new in it for yourself. And if along with that, you also actively expand your knowledge horizons, create, and do good, then the AllatRa book will become your closest and wisest interlocutor.

The thing is that the AllatRa book is not just a book in usual understanding of this word. AllatRa, just like the Lotus Flower spiritual practice, has no end in cognition of it. It has been written with the direct participation of Rigden Djappo and is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for spiritual people, regardless of their race, nationality or religious beliefs. It is a reference book for the spiritual Human and humanity. It’s a unique tool for transformation of oneself and the society.
In several days, the AllatRa book will become freely available on the internet. Anyone who desires will be able to download it and share this information with the entire world. Thus, each person will have in one’s hands a tool to transform oneself and the society for the better.

Anastasia Novykh

All of us, while in bodies, take part in the theatre of matter. The spectacle is shocking, but it is edifying. The Truth reveals itself to the eyes of some, while others are absorbed by the performance acting. The only difference is whose side your consciousness is on in this place of illusory shows.

Rigden Djappo (from the “AllatRa” book)


AllatRa TV

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