Knowledge of a person

The body is mortal! But are you?

Everyone should know about this! Today, secrets of the millennia are starting to be revealed! At birth, we were given a lease on a body, but time goes on and no matter what you do, the body will die. So why are we then given it? Many people become attached to their body, thinking that their body is them. But it is not. The body is temporary and is given to us to achieve certain goals after the achievement of which we will no longer need a body. If this was known, then many people would likely not waste their time on a temporary illusion, but would try to understand, cognize, and achieve what is real. In this strive is life, and in this strive lies the meaning. In the span of a body’s lifetime merge with the eternal, the real, the bright and pure.

I live. Do you?

We are born alone.

We are all equal in the imprisonment of matter.

At birth we were leased a body and the lease duration ends very quickly.

They call it a machine, a boat, clothing.

It can be absolutely different, but it will return into emptiness

in any case, regardless of height, form, weight…

The body is Mortal. Temporary. Perishable.

Your body doesn’t live – it, every day, gets closer to death.

The body is needed for you to reach a goal.

The body – it’s a link between the visible and invisible world,

but it belongs to the animal mind and it works by the programs of the animal nature.

A person isn’t a body. A person is much more.

This was known for a long time, and proved it now.

Considering yourself as a body, you don’t live, but slowly die.

Find out who controls your body, who you are. It’s time to live.

AllatRa Vesti

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