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The Call of Mahdi video with Igor Mikhailovich Danilov is truly an epochal video that reveals the essence of the spiritual path of a person through beauty and purity of the spiritual grains embedded in Islam, which, like a great ocean, unite in their essence the inexhaustible depth of this spiritual well.

The Truth is one for everyone, and spiritual grains sown in different religions of the world have common roots, and it is precisely the Truth that is the basis of any religion…

This video is devoted to Islam and contains answers to the following questions:

The Call of Mahdi is a call to Muslims of the entire world | The essence of the end times

Contents “The Call of Mahdi” (timing)

03:08 What is Heaven (al Jannah)?

04:45 Judgement Day issue.

07:15 What follows the end of earthly life?

07:50 The fact that soul moves into a person on the eighth day.

08:23 What is consciousness (primary, secondary), and what is Personality? How are they interrelated and what is the difference?

09:47 True freedom and Spiritual liberation of a human.

10:22 True understanding of what hell is (Jahannam).

10:50 What is subpersonality?

15:00 Who gets reborn? About reincarnation.
19:40 What events will occur during the Last Judgment?

20:40 What is the meaning of a person’s stay in this world? What is his mission?

21:10 What awaits the righteous? And how the description of Paradise has been substituted through human mind.

24:00 Who an Angel is.

26:46 The way to Paradise and about “the summit which is crowned with the Lotus of the Utmost Boundary”.

28:15 The most ancient spiritual practice which all saints comprehended and still comprehend.

29:00 The shortest path to Allah: stages of comprehension.

31:40 What Iblis “holds” people with.

33:25 How a person who follows the spiritual path should work on himself.

34:40 Nafs.

35:10 Sincere love for Allah – Ihsan.

36:13 What true Love is.

39:00 The greater and the lesser jihad.

43:27 About namaz.

46:30 The first steps on the Spiritual path.

48:10 Who a Muslim is.

50:40 About that diamond which the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) brought to the world.

51:20 Islam is the straight path.

52:50 The four sides of the human energy structure, and protection from shaitan.

55:20 Understanding of how Iblis works, about the nature of thoughts, about shaitans.

57:20 Human is a Personality, a Spirit that seeks to return home, to Allah.

57:35 The Soul, the Personality, the “silver thread”, and what is between the Personality and the Soul.

59:35 When a person pays most of his attention to the Spiritual World, the “silver thread” becomes so thick that shaitan cannot “squeeze it with his hand”.

1:00:15 How the inner Light “expands the breast” of a person.

1:00:50 What is polytheism in the modern world?

1:08:50 The times when the verses of the Qur’an will become empty, the One who renews the Knowledge and shows the direct path will come – Imam Mahdi.

1:09:34 The banner of Imam Mahdi, and the sign on the banner of Mahdi.

1:12:07 The name of Mahdi.

1:13:13 What is the true family or holy brotherhood?

1:14:00 The hidden, constrained state (al-Ghayb) of Imam Mahdi’s being in the world.

1:16:43 “The one who loves Mahdi will be granted Paradise”… Love as a bridge which every believer has to cross on the way to the boundless, eternal world.

1:17:30 What does “the advent of Mahdi” mean? Coming of the End times.

1:20:08 It is said: “No human being should have power over another human being.”

1:22:33 What is written in the Hadith…

1:27:25 There are people who feel and hear the call of Mahdi. They come to join His ranks.

1:28:03 The sacral role of women in this world.

1:29:40 The call of Imam Mahdi.

1:36:38 Who is Mahdi? Explained on a simple example.

1:37:56 The revival of the Allat Sisters’ service and the Heavenly Gardens.

1:38:53 What are the Heavenly Gardens?

1:41:51 Mahdi as the breath of Life.

1:43:42 What is worthy of a human…

1:46:21 “So whoever Allah wants to guide – He expands his breast to [contain] Islam.”


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