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The Choice of the Personality

“In order to gain Life, you should gain it here and now. And every person has this chance. And everyone is capable of it.” – Igor Mikhailovich Danilov, “The Invisible World” programme.
What is the true life and what does the real choice of the Personality consist of?
How to choose LIFE?
This video is based on the popular ALLATRA TV programme “Meeting of ALLATRA IPM participants with Igor Mikhailovich Danilov”, which took place at the ALLATRA International Public Movement Coordination Centre. This programme gives answers to the questions which everybody asks themselves.
How to attain freedom? How to overcome any fears, including the fear of death?
How to learn to see the work of consciousness and to start living the real life as a spiritual Personality?
How to feel God’s Love?
The path to freedom lies through the inner attainment of Life itself.

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