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The Circle of Life

We live in times of global changes, and it depends on all of us whether there will be a future or not. About the advent of the era of renovation and its signs. Predictions. About the importance of unification of all people and the unity of everyone. How can people learn to respect and understand each other? Self-development. How to change one’s destiny and the destiny of many people? What does a human long for in the depth of his soul? Why does a person rejoice or grieve for three days? Why shouldn’t one hold a grudge in oneself?      What is the Spiritual World, and why is It one in many? What is Love, Love in unity, and the inner fire? How to learn to Love truly? How to multiply and develop one’s Love? How to Live in God’s Love, abiding in the Holy Spirit? What is God’s mercy? What is God’s favour? Why at the Last Supper did Jesus Christ talk about Unity? Why did Buddha talk about Unity in his homily?

About service to the Spiritual World. Whom did Jesus serve: God or people? About the dispute among His disciples regarding who was closer to Jesus. Whom do Angels serve: God or people? The Tower of Babel (history): who actually divided people and when: truth and fiction. Descent of the Holy Spirit onto the apostles at the Pentecost. Why and how did people understand each other? The language that is understandable to everyone.

About unity and brotherhood in Islam. About the prevention of discord and religious conflicts. What does the “rope of Allah” mean (“hold firmly to the rope of Allah all together and do not be divided”)? What does it mean “I love you for the sake of Allah”?

What does the ancient symbol of a circle with a dot inside mean? What does the “Circle of the Alive ones” mean? Spiritual friends. What is true spiritual friendship? How to gain Spiritual freedom?

A quote from The Circle of Life video:

Igor Mikhailovich: …People differ from beasts in that we have a soul. People differ in that we can gain Life Eternal. People differ from beasts in that we all have the Living Spirit — the Holy Spirit, the Spirit sent by God Himself. This is what makes us different from beasts. And what is the Holy Spirit? It is God’s Love; it is His power. And the power of God is in Love.

Everything is very simple. And how can we confront each other, resist, do evil if we live in Love? We cannot. In Love, we will create, in Love, we will respect each other, won’t we? We will help each other. We will be one family. But as soon as we drive the Holy Spirit out of ourselves, a beast awakens in us, and we have what we have. But each of us longs for Him, longs for the true, longs for this Love. But then again, demons motivate us to what? To hatred, to confrontation, to anger even towards God and the Holy Spirit, to denial of Him. Right? But why do we deny?

Tatiana: The system is afraid. Consciousness is afraid, of course.

Igor Mikhailovich: Right, because that demon is afraid of Him, and it does everything so that a person, let’s say, wouldn’t open the gate of his soul. This must be understood.

The Service video

Creative Society video


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