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The Code of Gods. Extraterrestrial Civilizations and Their Impact | Kaleidoscope of Facts 26

The incredible research of the mysteries of history continues. Inconvenient facts about the true history of humankind allow us to learn the truth about our past and foresee the future.

Watch in this episode:

  • How did our history change under the influence of extraterrestrial civilizations?
  • Why did the Apexians come to Earth?
  • The emergence of a powerful island state of Atlantis
  • Genetic engineering of the Atlanteans
  • What was Atlantis destroyed for?
  • The formation of religions
  • Carriers of the gene of the Apexians
  • The End Times
  • Prospects for the development of humankind
  • The divine code

All research is done on a volunteer basis. It means that everyone who is interested in this topic and who is not indifferent to their future and the future of all humanity can join the Kaleidoscope of Facts project! We invite all scientists and experts who are interested in understanding the true events of the past.

Together we are strong!

It is time to bring the Truth back to people!

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“Code of the Apexians” 



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