Kaleidoscope of facts

The Dead in the World of the Living

There is no person who has not wondered what awaits him after his last breath, whether an invisible world and reincarnation exist.

Modern orthodox science provides no answers. But the paradox is that humankind has always had this Knowledge!

In this video you will find out:

  • where does the wisdom of an adult come from in a young child?
  • how to explain sleepwalking?
  • what kind of an invisible helper did Socrates have?
  • do serial killers tell the truth when they claim they didn’t commit the crimes?
  • what is subpersonality? Can the deceased interfere in our life?

It is very important for us, the living, to restore this Knowledge in order to protect ourselves first and foremost and not allow the dead to rule our world!

“The Power of Attention” | Kaleidoscope of Facts 25

“Subpersonality” | Video with Igor Mikhailovich Danilov

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