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The Era Of The Holy Spirit | The Spiritual Awakening Of Mankind

All prophets mentioned that the time will come when the Holy Spirit will descend on Earth, but people have always disputed when, where and how this will happen. In fact, we are living in the era of the Holy Spirit now. What is the Holy Spirit’s function on Earth? How can people recognize Him? What should people be doing now that the Holy Spirit is among us on Earth?

The world today is divided into two categories of people: those who accept the Holy Spirit and those who resist Him. But there should be no division, we should all be God’s people. Actually, nothing prevents a human from seeing the Holy Spirit except for his pridefulness.

Today, it’s up to us to make a little effort and unite in one goal of creating the world that would please God and the Holy Spirit. The entire humanity will be able to restore Eden on earth by building an ideal society, and thus we’ll restore the lost connection with God, we’ll live in God’s love and serve the spiritual world.

Watch the full version of the video “About the Holy Spirit (Unity)” with Igor Mikhailovich Danilov, excerpts of which are presented in this video.

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