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The Future? This Affects Everyone

This affects everyone! What kind of future is awaiting us very soon? A breakthrough in high technology. Creation of UNIFIED Artificial Intelligence — a thinking, self-learning multifunctional machine that surpasses a human in intelligence, figurative thinking, and intuition. It will control all spheres of human life as a unified center for processing all information about humanity. Superintelligence: total control or a smart assistant? Why is a battle taking place for the primacy of a world leader in the field of artificial intelligence, and what consequences does that entail for the humanity of a consumerist way of thinking?

This will affect everyone! Replacement of people with robots. Technological unemployment. Advantages and drawbacks, threats and risks: how artificial intelligence is already entering people’s lives, and what will happen next? What professions will be the first to disappear? The reasons why technologies intended to facilitate a person’s life are going to deprive him of his job and means of subsistence?

Present-day examples: the spheres of humanity’s life where artificial intelligence has already been introduced: healthcare, industrial production and agriculture, science, education, arts, movie and entertainment industries, priestly institutions, and others.

Advantages of new technology for people in the Creative Society. Threats and risks of the latest technology for people in the consumer society. What is the way out? The problem of the Earth’s overpopulation: what can be done? Why is the invented “perpetual motion machine” — a fuel-free generator with efficiency above one  — held up from being introduced to the masses?

Global crisis. This already affects everyone. Why did the year 2015 entail a lot of changes? Rapid destruction of the planet: sharp acceleration of the Earth, time compression, deformation of the Earth’s crust, acidification of the ocean, destruction of forests, and many other disasters. Contamination of the planet: metastases of consumer society.

This affects everyone! How to preserve one’s own life? How can humanity survive in the coming years of drastic global climate change on the planet? How to survive cyclicity? How to build a united human civilization that in the coming years will be able to withstand present-day disastrous challenges and global problems which humanity has never faced before?

The choice is up to everyone!


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