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The great prophesiers made their predictions enciphered

“I recently read a book about the art of prophecy on Earth. It is called… geomancy. In short, it was practiced in ancient India, China, Egypt. So, there it is mentioned that there is a certain field from which a person can draw information about the future. They say that ancient prophesiers entered a special state in order to get this knowledge.”

“It is really so. This field still exists, and its information is still used as it has been used in the past. There are certain techniques that allow a person to reach this state of consciousness. But ordinary people who are engaged in strenuous brainwork are also capable of spontaneously entering this state of consciousness, as a rule, either while sleeping or in a state of deep concentration when their brain is switched off from extraneous thoughts… Given information is true only as it pertains to the past or the present as well as exact sciences. As for the future, for example, of mankind as a whole or of any particular individual person, it is unstable because the future depends on individual or collective choice of people.”

“How is that?”

“Very simply. If, for example, a person changes internally, then, according to his choice, his entire life changes from that point and into the future. These are laws of nature. Since change in the frequency of perception attunes a person to a completely new wave, that is, to another reality. The same applies to mankind as a whole. If mankind’s attitude to life, its balance between the spiritual and the animal nature changes, then correspondingly, the general frequency of energy changes, and therefore its future also changes. So both a person and mankind as a whole, by personal choices, predetermine their possible future on a daily basis.

“Then how do the prophesiers predict the future?”

“If you noticed, the great prophesiers made their predictions enciphered, with double meaning. Many of them were mistaken, many did not mention significant events because the future is changeable and exists in time and space in a multitude of possibilities. Prophets could tune in to the frequency of the wave that carried the given information. But they got data only from that reality into which they could penetrate.”

“And what about individual predictions?”

“Predictions for an individual are based on the wave that his consciousness is on at the present moment. And if a person does not change radically on the inside, they will come true as programmed on this wave.”

From the book “Sensei” by A. Novykh

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