The heart and the music unite us. Musicians of the group “Light in Babylon”

The ALLATRA TV crew met with the remarkable ethno-folk ensemble “Light in Babylon”. The name of the group “Light in Babylon” reflects the idea of bringing light to the system that surrounds us, which will allow people to look at their lives in a different way. Babylon is also a reminder of the error of antiquity, which the group’s creativity is designed to correct – to start speaking again in a single language of mutual understanding and unity.

“We represent a generation that wants to speak a common language again, that wants to be reunited”

MikaL Eliya Kamal. 

The band members are from different countries, but thanks to their music, they found a common language with each other in creating and writing beautiful songs. “Let’s say we are people of the world, we always consider ourselves before our nationality, first of all, we are people of the World, we are not just French, or Turks, or Israelis, or Iranians, we are people of this world, and this is how we see our audience. …a person is a person at its core” – says the lead singer of the band MikaL Eliya Kamal in an interview.

“We all decided one day to follow our dream and follow our mission, and go with our hearts, and go with our music, and I think that’s something that can bring people together, no matter where they come from… …And I think it’s not the language, the culture, or whatever it is that unites us, but, in fact, it’s in the heart and the music, of course.”

“I hope that with our music, we can help many people think more positively… remind people what they love, so this is our message for you.”

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