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The journey of attaining inner Freedom

Rigden: The journey of attaining inner Freedom always begins with a first step. At the initial stages of cognition, the person is indeed full of many banal earthly wishes which are so tempting that, without having practical spiritual experience, it is difficult for him to maintain that only aspiration which comes from the Spiritual nature. The mistake of many is that at the first stages they do not even notice that they treat the Spiritual not as their main path but as some addition to their lives which in a sense have already been formed according to habits, certain patterns of thinking, and so on. There is a big difference here: it is one thing to really change yourself and your habits and another to wish to acquire greater importance in this world with the help of this knowledge without changing yourself.

When man knows nothing about his spiritual, each day he is being filled drop by drop, like a jug, with evil thoughts, defective feelings, and empty wishes. As a result, this mass of material “dirt” reshapes his further destiny. And when a person is walking the spiritual path, he watches, figuratively speaking, the purity of his thoughts-drops, with which he fills his consciousness daily, giving attention to them and confirming his choice. With time, his consciousness gets into the habit of concentrating only on kind thoughts and feelings. The Personality becomes like a young green sprout at dawn which gathers for itself life-giving crystal clear dew drops, which nourish it with moisture and stimulate its rapid growth and eventually allow it to become an independent plant.

Daily work on yourself makes it possible to acquire spiritual experience in the invisible world which gives an understanding of your past; for example, why states of depression, dissatisfaction with life, etc took place. It becomes clear why man, wishing to be better, at the same time feels a nearly animal fear about anything that may threaten to change his usual way of life. With the help of spiritual tools, a person learns to control his thoughts and control his main four Essences. Developing spiritually, he begins to understand the visible and the invisible worlds through the deepest feelings, already not from the perspective of his mind limited in matter, but from the perspective of the spiritual, intuitive knowledge which covers a wider range of information about the world and makes it possible to maintain a constant connection with the Soul, the portal to the world of God. Man’s intentions in the attainment of the spiritual path become like a solid rock which cannot be moved by winds of doubt.

Anastasia: Yes, daily practice helps to recognise and adjust yourself in the process of your spiritual journey. If you content yourself only with theory, this is like marking time, wasting life’s valuable moments. As the ancients used to say, the one who soars towards spiritual summits gets ahead of the one who walks the path. One who walks gets ahead of the one who crawls along the way of knowledge. And the one crawling gets ahead of the one who stands still. To make the first step means to start moving forward towards comprehending yourself.

From the book “AllatRa” by A. Novykh 

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