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The Judge of This World

The number of cataclysms is increasing on the planet every day. Today, as never before, the entire civilized community must unite and find a solution on how to survive. And we, as humanity, should at least provide a reason. If we do not provide a reason, the world will not change. While this reason is actually our willingness, our understanding and our real support of each other, as well as our aspiration to survive. If we have no aspiration to survive, if we are like suicidal people, tell me, will we have a chance? A simple question. With our every decision, we add weight to either one or the other scale. But those scales represent the life and death of our children, our future and the future of the entire humankind. And it is us who decide what we can do today in order to save the lives of our children and billions of other children. What have we done today, and what could have we done but failed to do in order to prevent these mistakes tomorrow, so that all of us would have a future?

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