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The last days have come?! March 2021 | 370 earthquakes M5+! Snowfalls in Turkey, India. Floods

It is absolutely obvious that the planet’s climate is changing, and these changes do not occur smoothly and measuredly, but suddenly and abruptly. As a result, all living organisms on the planet do not have time to adapt to these changes. This greatly affects the health and lives of people. For example, a temperature of +35°C is the limit of the human body’s adaptation to heat.

Nearly every Breaking News broadcast highlights extreme temperature сhanges as well as abnormal heat readings.

On March 29, in New Delhi, the capital of India, a record temperature of +40.1°C was recorded. This thermal index is 8°C higher than normal. It was the hottest day in March in the city in the past 76 years.

In the countries of the Arabian Peninsula, temperature records of heat were also set. On March 25, in Kuwait, the stem of a thermometer rose to +44.6°C. This is the highest record on the peninsula for the entire month.

At the end of March, abnormal cold weather and snowfalls were observed around the world: in the USA, India, China, Turkey, Africa and on the island of Mallorca.

Seismic activity on the planet is growing inexorably. In March 2021, about 370 earthquakes occurred with a magnitude above 5, despite the fact that since 2012 their monthly amount did not exceed 150.

Watch in this episode of Breaking News:

  • Powerful earthquakes occurred in the Adriatic Sea and China;
  • In Guatemala and Indonesia, the increased activity of the Pacaya and Merapi volcanoes continues to be recorded;
  • In the Indonesian province of West Java, there was another massive flood. More than 10,000 houses were damaged. About 60,000 people were affected. Most of them had to leave their homes. And in the city of Bandung, there was a devastating tornado. About 300 houses were damaged, some were completely destroyed;
  • In the Colombian city of Cali, almost half of the monthly rainfall fell in a few hours;
  • A storm hit the south of Brazil, Santa Catarina State, bringing heavy rains and winds;
  • In the American states of Alabama and Georgia powerful tornadoes occurred;
  • The speed of movement of tectonic plates in the area of the San Andreas Fault in California has increased by 1.5 times.

The climatic disasters that we are now witnessing are known in all cultures of the world as one of the harbingers of the end times. Knowing about them in advance, all our prophets attached special importance to equality and unification of people on the basis of spiritual and moral values. After all, only united people will be able to go through this period of global cataclysms and change the world for the better. Only we, the people ourselves can bring the Creative Society to life!


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