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The last Judgement is precisely a responsible decision of the One Who’s called the Comforter, Mahdi, and the like. His direct function regarding humanity is to weigh whether there is any point and prospect of this humanity or not anymore. If not, then “the dishes are washed clean and wiped dry.”

Meaning, for this very reason it is said that no one knows… the day and the hour…
Why no one knows? Because future is not defined, people define it by their choice.

If satan wins, and humanity no longer has any chances, then this humanity is pointless.

They say that God has created this world.
He has created, but what has He created it for?
He has created it for one simple purpose: this world must bring Angels into the Boundless World. But when this world increases the servants of satan and martyrs, then what’s the point?

I would also call the Comforter, well, we can call Him an auditor in modern language.
Meaning, He comes, audits, looks, and helps those who want it, because He’s obliged to bring this Knowledge. After all, it’s people’s affairs whether they accept or not, it’s not His concern, He doesn’t owe anything to anyone, neither does God owe anything to anyone, it’s you who owe, but not God and the more so, pardon me, not the auditor, not the Comforter, no matter how you call Him. He comes, looks, makes a decision – the project is closed or remains. But judging by what is happening, I don’t see Him being content.

From the video “The Service

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