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The More of Us, the Better

Just think about it… A thousand years ago there were only 275 million of us – the area of human observation was limited by the sensory organs.
Today, there are 8 billion 25 million of us, and we have nanotechnology and artificial intelligence. At the same time, all of humanity is experiencing a series of severe global crises.

  • Artificial epidemics, wars and hunger. Who benefits from this?
  • What really happens every time there are more people on the planet?
  • What solution to the crisis do the ideologists of transhumanism propose? And are we ready for this scenario?
  • What do people really need to do in order for the Humanity Project to continue to exist?
  • What is our power? What tremendous prospects can open up for all of humanity today?

“The Phenomenon of Unity” | Kaleidoscope of Facts 28

Video with Igor Mikhailovich Danilov “Your Future in the Creative Society”

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