No to violence in the family and society

The most important is work on oneself. Tiziana Cavallucci (Italy, Milan)

Within the framework of the project “NO TO VIOLENCE IN THE FAMILY AND SOCIETY” Tiziana Cavallucci (Italy, Milan) shared her opinion on such problems as violence and a vision of possible solutions.

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Tiziana: Hello, my name is Tiziana Cavallucci. I am a professional teacher. I work at schools, help kids with special needs and visually impaired kids.

Lyudmila: In your opinion, what should be the attitude of a person to violence in the family and society?

Tiziana: First of all, I think it’s very important not to judge. It means that when we hear about the violence, we immediately want to judge and send negative thoughts towards people who commit acts of violence. I think that we shouldn’t judge because we all are the souls who came to Earth for their journeys. Each soul has its own level of experience. When you accept this idea, you would start to look at others with love, always observe the life with love and never judge. You would always try to find a solution, not to judge, but direct your energy towards finding a solution in love, in love for yourself and for each other.

Lyudmila: How not to be silent and make changes for violence not to be a norm?

Tiziana: I would focus on two points. I think it’s important for each of us to try to do good things in our living environment. Sometimes we face big problems, try to solve them but fail and feel powerless. In my opinion, each of us has to go back to doing his or her little work with love and carry inside the message of love.

Don’t be silent but rather set up an example for others in your everyday life, share your experience and bring the message of love and peace to everything you do. One more thing I would like to share about this topic is that we think that the violence is somewhere outside of ourselves.

But I think, we have to start with ourselves, even though we might think we are good, we all have to think that the violence starts from within. That’s why let’s start working on ourselves with all dedication and responsibility to understand what our “dark side” is and change it to light. I think that if we light up our dark sides and remove the violence that lives inside us, we could send a message to those around us about the necessity to reduce the level of violence around us.

Lyudmila: What solutions do we have regarding this problem and how we can eliminate the violence in the family and society?

Tiziana: In summary, first and the most important is work on oneself and I say it based on my personal experience. In other words, work on oneself is the first tool to reduce the level of violence. Another tool that can significantly help, in my opinion, is the more conscious use of information by the mass media.

We see today that all the mass media are focused on creating information telling their audience about frightening aspects, making us scary and exploiting our fears. We have to rethink all those aspects and make our communication more conscious and focused on the good things we do. One more aspect that has fundamental importance, in my opinion, is education in the sphere of emotional intelligence. While working in schools, I’ve noticed that, unfortunately, kids think less about their feelings, emotions, disappointments. If disappointments don’t get resolved through understanding, they will grow into anger, aggression and violence.

Lyudmila: How do you see a creative and constructive society?

Tiziana: It’s also a good question. Since I work at school, what first comes to mind is that I can work with our best part, the creative part, especially in children. Because children are the people of the future. We can create an environment where we can give people a chance to show their best, their creative side.

I also see that this society takes more initiative, it means to meet and create events where people could share their opinions and create a great deal of good. When we close our homes and stay within our own shells, we stop being innovative and stop creating.

Lyudmila: In your opinion, how important it is to raise those questions?

Tiziana: Very important. It is very important to raise those questions, talk about it, create groups and movements that follow a new mindset and new perception. In my opinion, it is very important because there are a lot of people today that have such feelings. It is important to find a way to get together.

Lyudmila: What would you like to wish to Allatra TV viewers and to all good people?

Tiziana: First of all, I’d like to wish to continue to spread those ideas, each in their own way. Don’t give up. Let each of us work to the best of our ability. We forgot that our thoughts and actions have a huge influence. Each of us can pay more attention to our thoughts and choose only good thoughts, thoughts about love.
This means to find good in each of us and find a way to improve ourselves.

Lyudmila: Thank you, Tiziana, for sharing your experience. Thank you so much. Have a good day.

Tiziana: Thank you. My pleasure.

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