The most important thing in human life is to find yourself and find your way. Dr. Mohammed Bakri, Egypt

Dr. Mohamed Bakri, Egypt. Interview of the volunteers and participants of the International social research project THE UNIVERSAL GRAIN of ALLATRA International Public Movement with Dr Mohamed Bakri.

Dr. Mohamed Bakri belongs to the fourth generation of practicing lawyers in Egypt since 1840. Attorney at law since 1984. Master of Comparative Law. Doctor of Law and Research in Information technology. Business developer and Business Opportunities Finder. A professional writer and poet. Art and Music organizer and art dealer. Founder of Bakri Way seminars in & out of Egypt. Vice President for Legal Affairs & Governmental Relation of Smart Villages for Development & Management Co. Egypt.

In an interview with participants of THE UNIVERSAL GRAIN project Dr. Mohamed Bakri talks about his believing in the concept of being a global citizenbeing a human with open heart and open mind that can communicate with any nationality, with any ideas and religions. That God create a human and gave us a small part of his soul inside us and there is no place for evil inside ourselves. There is always a choice for human to fill his paper of life with angel inside. People become mature when they discover that their message in life is to be good, to be a stone in building of people’s relationship, to live a fruitful life, that will help to enlighten inside themselves. People must never stop talking to God, this is linked them with an invisible power, which enrich soul step by step. Human should be a best friend of God. People should never ever stop reading, stop learning.

“As long as you enrich your inside library, your character will become more rich and you will become more helpful in indirect way with your friends, with your clients, with your family, with your children, because you start to believe that you have something to give. If you are not a giver person how you can become a human?”

“If you put an idea inside yourself that the rest of the world is your home too, you will consider the other is your friend, is your brother it’s not just an other.”

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