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The Mystery of a Human. Who am I? | Kaleidoscope of Facts 19

A Human is the most complex and perfect creature in the universe. Who is a human? What do scientists say about it?

  • The different levels of human structure: material, wave (energy), informational. The energy structure of a human and its components: the soul, the Personality, and the four essences. Their functions and interrelation. How do the energy structures of different people interact with each other?
  • What is Personality in terms of primordial Knowledge? Its mention in ancient sources. The silver thread is a connection of Personality with the soul.
  • Human consciousness is a field structure outside the body. Scientific proof of this fact. The main function of consciousness. Primary and secondary consciousness, their interrelation. Where do thoughts originate?
  • Artificial consciousness Jackie. What are the typical blocks of consciousness?
  • What is the difference between emotions and deep feelings? What do religions say about deep feelings, what is their significance? Attention as a major force in the development of perception by feelings.
  • Formation of post-mortem destiny. The Choice of Personality is to become an Angel, by serving the spiritual world, or to become a subpersonality, by serving the matter.
  • The value of united attention. What is synchronization and why is it necessary to unify 8 billion people? What conditions should be formed in society for the comprehensive development of Personality? The Creative Society

Video with Igor Mikhailovich Danilov “CONSCIOUSNESS AND PERSONALITY. From the inevitably dead to the eternally Alive”:


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