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The mystery of the Atlantean civilization. Plato about Atlantis and its destruction

About the mystery of the Atlantean civilization. What information did Plato give about Atlantis? What is the real reason why an antediluvian civilization submerged? This is described in an excerpt of the documentary “ATLANTIS. THE ELITE IN SEARCH OF IMMORTALITY“, given in this video.

The fact that our civilization is far from being the first is confirmed by numerous legends and myths of the peoples of the world. The same information is confirmed by Plato in his dialogues “Timaeus” and “Critias”, it was he who first called the antediluvian highly developed state Atlantis.

Plato was a descendant of the archon Solon (VI century BC), an Athenian lawgiver who was called “the wisest of the seven wise” of the country of Hellas, known today as Ancient Greece. The great secret about the repetition of natural disasters that can lead to the destruction of civilization, was told to Solon by the Egyptian priests when he traveled through ancient Egypt. It is believed that the family of Solon goes back to the God of the seas Poseidon, who was the founder of Atlantis.

According to ancient Greek legends, Atlantis is a large state that was located on a large island to the West of the pillars of Hercules opposite the Atlantean mountains. The Atlanteans, waging wars of conquest, extended their power to many lands outside of Atlantis. And their society itself was in a state of decay, dominated by the desire for power and luxury, selfishness and consumerism. As a punishment for this, according to legends, the gods sent a strong earthquake and a rapid flood that followed. A huge island was destroyed in one day. Plato States that the destruction of Atlantis occurred 9,200 years before the time of the archon Solon, that is, 12,000 years ago from modern times.

12,000 years is just a cycle!



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