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The Need for Personality in Spiritual Liberation

Person, becoming on the spiritual path, begins to observe his duality. He realizes in practice that consciousness is his only enemy, and he does not want a Personality to become spiritually free. But it’s only a half of the trouble. Consciousness deceives the Personality by imposing its unwillingness on it. And it seems to the Personality itself that it does not need spiritual liberation. Hence, many people have the question:

This thrust for spiritual liberation – is it developing or does a Personality always have it?

Igor Mikhailovich: For the Personality, the thrust for spiritual liberation is inherent from the very beginning. But the Personality is in difficult conditions for itself, since it is born, like consciousness, it does not know anything and will learn everything from an experimental point of view, from a square one. However, the inner potential of the Personality pushes it towards salvation.

From the program “The Invisible World”  (1:47:50)

But, since the Personality is a necessary condition for the existence of consciousness, it does not want the Personality to be saved. After all, if you remove the Personality, consciousness will disappear, this, if you give an example, as a light from a light bulb. The energy that goes to the Personality comes, in our example with a light bulb, from the generator (Spiritual World). This energy comes to the light bulb, to the filament (Personality), and from there comes light. And this thrust of a filament to return to its generator (to the source of energy), so that it is constantly in this state of bliss, is in the Personality.

Consciousness understands that it completely depends on the Personality, and is ready to do anything to consume the energy of its attention. Personality is like an accountant, who gives out the same forces for the work of consciousness. Thoughts, emotions, desires of human – all this is a food for consciousness. The choice of the Personality, where to direct their attention, leads either to death or to Life. This is very clearly stated in the program “CONSCIOUSNESS AND PERSONALITY. FROM THE INEVITABLY DEAD TO THE ETERNALLY ALIVE

Igor Mikhailovich: As for the redistribution of the power of attention. The power of attention is the same as finances, resources, energy, no matter how one calls it. But it really is meaningful. If a person mainly puts this power of attention, which he has (it’s like vital energy, lets call it that, or his certain resource), in what is uniquely temporary and dies, what will happen to him?

Janna: He will die with it.

Igor Mikhailovich: Of course. No matter who says what, it will be so. But when a person invests in the Living, in what will exist forever, what will happen?

Janna: He himself becomes Alive.

In order to separate the living from the dead and understand how we feed the consciousness – it is enough to observe your thoughts, reactions, desires as if from aside. After all, the main cunning of consciousness is that it convinced us that it is us. And so often there is a sense of life “on autopilot”: template reactions, template words. We do not even think about what it’s all about. Thus the consciousness puts Personality into sleep. In order to wake up, it is enough to take a paper and a pen and honestly record some of your reactions.

For example, I thought that I really love my family, despite a fairly regular bouts of irritation in their direction. This manifested itself especially when I was asked to do something. And one day I just wrote down honestly everything that was spinning in my head after another request. The results were impressive. I saw that every time I was asked to do something, the mind instantly calculates three things: does this request refer to me directly (in other words: is it profitable for me); how much time it will take; and whether a person could do it himself.

Naturally, consciousness immediately accused everyone of “exploiting a good me.” After reading this entry, I did not see myself in all of this. I saw an animal that just wants power over everything it can reach. And then I had only one question: where is God in this?

Due to the fact that the Personality does not have enough experience, it listens to their consciousness and believes it. After all, the Personality perceives this three-dimensional world through consciousness. Everything that consciousness tells of what it is ready for when it sees. Will consciousness speak the truth? Will it tell something that make Personality spiritually free?

Consciousness tells: “I’m so comfortable”, “I will not do it”. It pulls the Personality away from spiritual work, the spiritual path. And I’m just waiting that someone one day will give me some kind of freedom that I do not know about, because I live under the dictation of consciousness. After all, for consciousness, God is a genie who fulfills desires.

But, when a person performs spiritual practice or is in a really prayerful state, he has only Love. And it is true! What can I give to God, my Father, other than Love? And it’s very simple. Do not sit and wait for something to come from somewhere and take me somewhere, but just love. Right here and now, shift your attention to love, which is always inside. And do not listen to the consciousness that says: “you do not have this,” “you do not deserve,” “now is not that state,” “you do not know how to love.” Because it does not know anything about Love and will never know. But the Personality knows, because it is part of that world where there is only Love.

Igor Mikhailovich: When truly sincere love comes, when a person awakens and properly performs his prayer, his spiritual practice, then there is an opening, communication. He does not need anything material. And it is these moments that awaken and give strength, because attention is invested not in the external, but in the internal. Here already the Personality acquires experience and practice communicating with the Spiritual world. And the world Spiritual is endless …

Whatever happens in spiritual practice, Personality has no questions. It knows answers to everything. But as soon as it gets out of spiritual practice, the consciousness has a lot of questions: “What did you feel?”, “What did you see?”. And consciousness dictatorially attacks. It requires this information, and then begins to retell it in its own way, what the Personality actually felt. And here the mind needs to be put in order. When it starts to ask you about what you felt, you ask him: “Did you roll Rubik’s cube? Did you learn English? And French? Learn Chinese then, if you have nothing to do! “And everything will fall into its place. Put rails, dig holes, if you have nothing to do at all, and at the same time learn Chinese. For consciousness then there will be no questions to you at all.

From the program “The Invisible World”  (1:47:50)

In order for a person to get free from the influence of consciousness, he needs to understand who he is. Because when the answer appears inside, then at once freedom of choice is visible. It is understood that everything imposed by consciousness is in fact only proposals that I can ignore. And I’m real, only when inside is Love, and everything else is a mask from consciousness. Just do not believe a consciousness that claims to know what I feel. It is only a reflection, a shadow. Just to love, not expecting anything in return, and feel like you are loved in return. Simply choose Life.

The questions of the participants were answered by Igor Mikhailovich Danilov

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