The Ocean of Love. The Sun of Love. The Air of Love.

Sunflowers always look at the sun. They always look at him, do not turn away, do not pay attention to the stones. They absorb the Sun’s Heat every second and do not imagine their life without the Sun. We are the sunflowers.

Understand that you are a sunflower. Feel your inner Sun. Let the sun in. Fill your Sun Warmth to the brim and become the Sun.

The sun always shines on us, but we cover ourselves with sunscreens, close the curtains and wonder why we do not sunbathe.

The sun always shines for us, but we close our eyes and wonder why it’s so dark.

God always loves us, but we reject His Love, and then we ask: “What is love?”

If it seems to you that God is somewhere far away from you, who do you think left whom?

Christian aphorisms

The air is difficult to describe with the help of bricks, but you can feel it. Love is our air.

It’s natural to breathe. Do not breathe – deadly.

Once seeing the Ocean, we will never be able to erase it from memory. We will strive for it every second. Dissolve in it, and you will understand that the Ocean is inside you, it is you.

Once we feel God, we will never be able to erase Him from memory. We will reach for Him every second. Dissolve in Him, and you will understand that …

Just accept God. Sincerely. Understand that the Ocean, the Sun and Air that we so need are so close that we do not notice them.

Do it now.

Author: Myron

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