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The Phenomenon of Unity | Kaleidoscope of Facts 28

On November 12, 2022, the International Online Forum “GLOBAL CRISIS. OUR SURVIVAL IS IN UNITY” was held and it was translated into 150 languages. The topics raised during this event continue to be discussed in a unique research project “Kaleidoscope of Facts”. We are going to find out how the real process of unification, in which millions of people on the planet already participate, is taking place

  • Historical examples of the division of people and its consequences
  • Examples of peaceful unification and problem solving
  • What is true altruism, and how does it work?
  • The need to unite scientific potential
  • Synchronization and its benefits
  • Every next person strengthens the team
  • The egregore and its power
  • Benefits to all humanity in the Creative Society
  • Messengers of the Spiritual World about unity
  • Spiritual legacy for people
  • The Responsibility of Personality and Social Responsibility
  • Building a Creative Society is our chance for survival

International online forum “GLOBAL CRISIS. OUR SURVIVAL IS IN UNITY” 

International online forum “GLOBAL CRISIS. WE ARE PEOPLE. WE WANT TO LIVE” 

Email: info@allatra.tv


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