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The Power of Attention | Kaleidoscope of Facts 25

“Where there is attention, there is power.” It’s not just an expression. Each person squanders his or her attention throughout life, but very few people think about its value.

In this episode of the Kaleidoscope of Facts independent research project, watch a detailed analysis of the following topics:

  • Where do we spend our attention in everyday life?
  • Why do people live an average of 75 years, even though they would have enough vitality for centuries?
  • What affects life expectancy?
  • What has been said about attention since the dawn of time?
  • What for did the Apexians fly to Earth?
  • What does religion say about the power of attention?
  • What do experts say about visualization?
  • Remembering the dead. What’s behind this rite?
  • Working principles of healing and magic
  • Why is attention so valuable for spiritual growth?
  • Where does a person get the power of attention?
  • How do marketing and advertising steal our attention?
  • A child’s attention. Why do children try to shift the attention of adults to themselves?
  • What is the benefit of putting attention into building the Creative Society?

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