Tuesday, November 12, 2019


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What has caused the situation that we as a society are now on the verge of collapse, and what is a way out of the current situation? Why is the consumer-based format built upon falsehood, deception, manipulation, and retention of power? The consumer-based format “consume and rule” is a replication of the system. Why has the manipulating technology “spiral of silence” started cracking?

How does consciousness exploit people? The “golden cage” of inner struggle, envy, and confrontation from pridefulness: of billionaires, politicians, and other people. Why do wrong values, assessments, redistribution of money and means, imbalance of prices and expended resources exist in consumer society? How do growing prices, inflation and other artificial manipulations – this scourge of modern times, this tool of the consumer-based order – drive a person into a pit of debt? Wars in the history of consumer society always represent someone’s financial interests and exculpatory lies for the peoples. Who is the real enemy of humankind in the heads of people?

What is the basis of a consumer society? Unlimited capital accumulation due to which the masses grow poor, while the rich, with all their might, compete and compare their pridefulness. Different opinions: what should be the maximum limit of capital for an individual?

How much does a person need for a normal happy life? Creative and constructive society: free education, healthcare, affordable prices on housing and service sectors of basic human needs. What are the advantages of creating a unified planned economy of a united creative world society?

Publicity is a future-changing precedent that has been created by people themselves. Why do technologies that turn people into zombies cease to work today? The boiling point. How to put chaos in order? Why do people all over the world speak openly? Why are people becoming freer? Why can one person do a lot?

Why is it important to have shared responsibility instead of one person having power and exploiting others? Why is it important not to shift responsibility for one’s own spiritual salvation, for one’s life, to others, but to assume responsibility and to work on oneself?

Is sharp climate change an anthropogenic factor or cycles that are repeated every 12 thousand years? What awaits people in the near future if people make the choice in favour of one or the other vector of society development? Why is it important for people to unite already now? Why is ALLATRA International Movement growing so fast all over the world?

Why does a person seek freedom in the external, but finds only disappointment and emptiness? Why is power and everything that he might possess in this world all temporary and fleeting? Why does the fear of changes reign in consciousness, why is consciousness afraid of a person’s spiritual transformation? Who begets these thoughts in one’s head? How does a person pay for his destiny with his attention? Contact of white and black, the Spiritual World and the material world, what will happen if… How to turn from “dead” into Alive?

Transformation of society begins with you.