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The real causes of climate change. Expert opinion from an ecologist. Snowfalls in the USA. Floods in

Snowfalls in the United States and Chile have set new records. These natural disasters, as well as heavy rains, have caused landslides, numerous road accidents, power outages and evacuations. Unfortunately, casualties were reported.

In this episode of Breaking News:

  • A record snowfall in the state of Iowa, USA;
  • Monterey County, California, received more rainfall in 24 hours than in an entire season;
  • Santiago, Chile recorded a 6-month rainfall in 24 hours. More than 500 people were forced to flee their homes;
  • A rare earthquake struck southern Guyana;
  • Storm Justine passed over Western Europe with a wind speed of 100 km/h;
  • Tropical Cyclone Ana struck Fiji. More than 10,000 people were evacuated;
  • The Australian state of Victoria received a monthly rainfall in 12 hours;
  • New South Wales experienced the heaviest rainfall in 10 years;
  • Flooding in Africa led to the immersion of hundreds of homes in South Africa and Burundi.

Climate Apocalypse: Illusion or Reality?


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