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The Reborns of the Third Reich | Real Facts

rule forever. Death destroys all plans. The Nazi leaders succeeded in cheating death. See how they did it in the video “The Reborns of the Third Reich”.

This will fundamentally transform your view of who really rules the world today and organizes wars. Watch in this video:

  • Various secret societies
  • The occult and its impact on our world
  • The Green Dragon Occult Order
  • Conscious rebirth. Subpersonalities. What role do they play in our world?
  • Historical facts about satanic rituals and well-known personalities
  • The SS Vatican and its help for the dead
  • The Knights of the Black Order and their plans for humanity
  • The formation of the dead’s army of the Fourth Reich
  • Nazis in different countries today
  • Who actually rules the world?

Through our ignorance and silence, we have created what we have today. By knowing the truth, we can change the world.

Let’s bring the world back to the alive!

“How Not to Go to Hell? | Kaleidoscope of Facts 27” 





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