The road leading to life. Indians of the Chinook tribe.

The road leading to life. Indians of the Chinook tribe

“Teach us, show us the way” – is just a little picturesque episode of their works.

This work of American Indians nevertheless conveys in full range of colours the innermost essence of understanding of nature, the universe and the Spiritual path as the main and integral part of human life. The Chinooks believed, that everything around is alive and spiritual as it was created according to the plan of the One, Who has created everything. And He is the One – The Soul of all souls and inexhaustible Source of all blessings. As everything is alive, then one can communicate with it, listen to it and hear, and learn. After all, every living being – a forest deer, a blossoming tree or even a stone can tell something innermost about the Creator.

References: AllatRa – Anastasia Novykh.

Native American Indians – AlanJacobs.

The Project “The signs of time” reveals the real history of the past and the present.

It is very interesting and cognizing to plunge into history when you have the key to the spiritual treasure of humanity – the book “AllatRa”. Many secrets and mysteries are disclosed and you start to comprehend the veritable, sacral meaning of historical and spiritual heritage – symbols and signs on artifacts, ancient sacred texts, through which our ancestors wanted to convey something very important.

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