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The scientists assert that the Sumerian civilization was similar to the modern one? Who has taught the ancient Sumerians?

Scientists have recognized the Sumerian civilization as one of the oldest ones, which are known to date. Modern science has evidence that the Sumerians had a written language, an in-depth knowledge of geometry, astronomy, mathematics and medicine. Also, the ancient Sumerians knew the golden ratio principle, they used the Fibonacci numbers …

The Sumerians used the ternary notation, which is used in computers today.

Scientists do not know for certain why the Sumerian civilization has disappeared. To this day, scientists have been having heated arguments about this issue. So, the recent find – an ancient manuscript, discovered during excavations in Iraq, suggests new ideas to scientists. The manuscript mentions the rulers of the ancient Sumerians, indicating the years of their rule.

Scientists got confused after decoding the ancient manuscript.

The ancient Sumerians used more than one signs in their cuneiform. It is interesting that the Sumerian language does not resemble any of the ancient or modern languages.

The old records that scientists managed to decipher tell us about eight immortal kings who literally came down from the sky to people. They ruled on the earth for almost 240 thousand years, up to the time of the great flood, also mentioned in the manuscript.

People now are so smart because they use knowledge from their ancestors. But how did their ancestors find that knowledge? Have you ever wondered? Even in the most ancient legends of the Sumerian civilization, written on clay tablets, it’s mentioned that “people from the sky” told them how to organize their households, how to build houses, fish, cultivate vegetative food for themselves and so forth. Before that, people lived the same as any herd of animals…

From “Sensei of Shambala. Book I” by Anastasia Novykh

Scientists believe that half of the mentioned “great kings” are just mythical heroes. Nevertheless, they do not deny the fact that some of the rulers were actually real historical figures.

It’s natural that Boddhisattvas are associated by people with gods,” Sensei said when the silence sell. “Since their knowledge and ability to control the matter (including nature, without any ’technical means’ as well as possession of other extraordinary abilities) would shock the modern man too, with all his piles of information about ‘advanced’ technologies, I don’t speak of those who lived during the time of birth of this human civilization. The contacts were indeed quite often. Since the Boddhisattvas of Shambala not only protected people, but also they gave people knowledge, starting from elementary knowledge (how to plant seeds, build houses, etc.) and ending spiritual practices. That’s why people started to believe that gods need to look as humans in order to contact people. For example, those like Ptah and Osiris, they are not mythical figment but real personalities of Boddhisattvas who lived once among people. But the story of their life was strongly turned into a myth by people and simplified to the level of human comprehension, and moreover tied to a concrete geographical region.

From “Sensei of Shambala. Book IV” by Anastasia Novykh

It is interesting that the manuscript discovered in Iraq is a continuation of the ancient text, which was found during the excavations of the Sumerian settlements of Nippur in 1900. It is also mentioned there that the kings came down from the sky and ruled the ancient people for a long time. The Sumerian gods are depicted in the drawings and frescos with wings, near a star or a comet. After finding these manuscripts scientists have had a lot of questions which they still can not find answers or do not want to look for them.

If we refer back to history, we will find many confirmations of the fact that ancient people had a spiritual and scientific knowledge, which was introduced from without by so-called “messengers, people from the sky”- teachers, spiritual mentors. You can find a lot of evidence about this in different sources. The ancients often idolized their teachers, thus preserving their memory in legends.

The Sumerians called their teacher Oannes (or Uan). According to the legends, he came to the inhabitants of Mesopotamia in order to bring them writing system, law, sciences and civilization. He taught people to read and write, showed how to collect fruits and grains, established laws and taught all about culture. In ancient Egypt, the image of a great teacher was embodied in Osiris, who, according to the legend, taught peoples agriculture, horticulture and winemaking. The Persians called their teacher Ahura Mazda, the Celts – Dagda, the Incas and the Polynesians – Kon-Tiki, the ancient Chinese – Huang-Di.

In certain periods of time, different communities of people in the parts of the globe that were located at a considerable distance from each other suddenly began to move to a more civilized level of existence on a massive scale, as scientists say, to “a culture of productive economy”; to settled agriculture, and production of pottery with the same basic sacred signs, and domestication of animals, construction of houses (including two-storied ones in some places), with a clear plan of building big cities and so on. And the myths and legends of the peoples that were geographically unrelated to each other mention that the locals were taught all this by “people from the sky”, and that is the origin of the belief that nature and the life of people are governed by special supreme beings.

From the book “AllatRa” by Anastasia Novykh

There is no doubt that the ancient Sumerians were by no means barbarous people, but a well-developed civilization, which besides possessed the primordial spiritual knowledge. And we, modern people, could learn a lot from them.

Olga Chornaya

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