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The Seal of Choice

To focus on the negative means to put a seal on oneself, the seal of a mortal. Instead, it is important to seek and cultivate God’s Love in oneself, to be a Human, first and foremost, and not to think only about oneself. If you start thinking about yourself, you will simply get lost in this chaos of existence and become a part of this temporary dead world. A human should live by God’s Love, he should become a part of the Spiritual World while still being here, then Eternity is guaranteed to him. Everything else is futile.

The background noise of subpersonalities, of the dead or third forces — whoever it may be, even the devil himself, doesn’t have the power to change your choice. But he has slyness, he has seduction. However, for this very reason, you are given a choice, you are given reasoning, and you should control your thoughts as well as your actions. If God lives inside you, there is no room for the devil there. Involving us by means of lies and deception into various everyday scenes or some situations in this three-dimensional world, creating some threats or troubles, and hyperfocusing us on them, satan eliminates the understanding that everything, literally everything is transient in this world. No matter how tough a situation is, it is finite. Your future should be Life Eternal, your future should be genuine, true freedom, and your place is to be worthy among the worthy and equal among equals.

Videos with Igor Mikhailovich Danilov


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