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The phenomenon of ALLATRA as an international self-organizing public movement which is unique in the world. Why, how and on what values do people unite all over the world, regardless of nationality, social status and place of residence?

Who are the people of ALLATRA? Where does ALLATRA’s money come from? What is the secret of ALLATRA’s success, and what is its essence? Answers to rumours and conjectures regarding what ALLATRA is: “a global geopolitical movement”, “a global civil movement”, “a new religion”, “cosmopolites”, “a world sect”, “a project of secret services of various countries”, “Soros’ project”, “a project of aliens”, and so on.

What does every person actually strive for inside? What is the secret of humaneness? Why is the time of life valuable for a person? The freedom of choice.

In this video, the following questions are discussed:

  • Why did the prophets of various religions simultaneously talk about the flourishing of humankind (the Creative Society) and the golden millennium, but at the same time they talked about the end of times, the Armageddon and Apocalypse? The choice of humanity: two ways.
  • What did the prophets predict? What awaits humanity in the near future?
  • THE SIGN which Muhammad (the Last Prophet) spoke about, after which the world will change.
  • What are the signs of the Judgement Hour?
  • The chosenness of a nation or humanity? What chosenness did the prophets talk about?
  • Why is a human “a bearer of the gate of heaven and hell”?
  • Who is an “Alive” human, and what is a “dead one” according to ancient knowledge?
  • What does it mean that “the dead ones will rise in bodies of the living”? Physics of the process.
  • What does it mean that “in the end times the dead ones will come to the living ones”?
  • What does “resurrection on Judgement Day” mean?
  • Why did the Messengers say that a human undergoes two deaths?
  • Life after death. The after-death fate. The state of subpersonality.
  • How and why was the Truth distorted: “all power is from God”?
  • Why did the prophets dream and talk about building the Creative and the Ideal Society?
  • What is a bifurcation point?
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