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The Spiritual Path: Philosophy and Reality

English Subtitles

How to take the first steps on the spiritual path? How to identify oneself as Personality? How to figure out who you are? How to discipline one’s consciousness? How to ignore intrusive thoughts? What is the meaning of spiritual practice, and how to perform it correctly? Initial experience in spiritual practices. Why does initial experience often occur in struggle with one’s consciousness? How to work on oneself, how to detect the stereotypical nature of consciousness by keeping a diary and to reject intrusive thoughts? How to develop in Love, attain it, and Live in joy and happiness? How to gain spiritual experience, learn to feel Love and share it, how to Live in contact with the Spiritual World?

Hesychasm, the Naqshbandi principles and other mystical experience of ancient ascetic traditions of performing spiritual practices. What knowledge has been lost? How to distinguish spiritual practice from self-deception of consciousness? What states does a practitioner experience, and what is happening to him in fact?

The spiritual path. How to surmount it, how not to stumble, how not to go astray, how not to lose one’s way in consciousness’ lies. How not to serve evil, the devil – the aggressive programs of consciousness? What should you do if you have gone astray or fallen, and consciousness says that you are making no progress? How to stop being afraid and begin to Live? How to act in the chosen direction without turning off the spiritual path.

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