The State of Love is Life. Love is You!

How to become Love and what the meaning of life is — watch in this video.

Human life is a flow of states. Those states to which a person pays more attention become prevailing in his or her day. The task of a person who follows the spiritual path is to constantly maintain and accumulate the state of inner joy, the feeling of unconditional Love which comes from the Soul, the state of living by the Spiritual World, of unity and integrity. Personality accumulates this state here and now.

There is an interesting fact that the word состояние (state) in Russian is a derivative of the word состав (composition, structure), which means “to consist of.” A state is what you consist of; what you feel is what you consist of at the moment. It is interesting that over time, in the Russian language, the word состояние (state) has become covered with figurative meanings that have substantially changed its original meaning. Nowadays, we may encounter cases when the word state is used figuratively, in the meaning of material fortune, e.g. “он нажил солидное состояние” (“he made a big fortune”). Nevertheless, it gives an understanding of what the inner state is in a person’s life — it is what he or she gains. The state implies the value that a person has accumulated during his or her lifetime. And the true value denoted by the word state, which Personality accumulates, is the inner feelings of Love, gratitude, purity, and unity with the Spiritual World of God. These are the feelings thanks to which Personality begins to live by the Spiritual World already during the life of his or her body.

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