No to violence in the family and society


This is a living story of one girl who got through a terrible ordeal. And nevertheless, not only she could survive in these inhuman conditions, but she also didn’t become embittered, and with dignity got through the mill of tyranny and aggression from close relatives, and found strength to change her destiny as well.

This video raises many questions:

– Why does hidden slavery in families exist?
– Why is there no place for love in a relationship where violence occurs, and everything revolves around issues of power?
– Why do tyrants and despots play the role of caring relatives in public, but in reality they cruelly exploit and humiliate members of their families?
– Why do women instead of love, affection, and care in families are subjected to humiliation, insults and physical abuse? What to do when a father and a husband are not the support, but a tyrant and a despot?
– How not to be afraid to change your life?
– How to stop being a slave exploited by others?
– How to get rid of fears in your own head and to take action?
– How not to be silent?
Domestic tyranny, domestic violence, exploitation of a child by his or her own father, cruelty and humiliation of a woman by a man. Do you know how your relatives, friends, and acquaintances actually live? How to lend a helping hand and not to pass by evil?

You can watch this and much more in the video “THE STORY OF MY SLAVERY”


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