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The System Divides while People Unite!

The one who lives and acts for the sake of his or her soul and the spiritual future of all mankind is worthy of respect.

Rigden Djappo

Thanks to the Knowledge set forth in the AllatRa book a wave of universal spiritual insight and unification has begun. On the basis of spiritual Knowledge, people are uniting all over the world and destroying the directives imposed upon them by the Animal Mind system, such as, the difference between people, the difference in their mentality and interests, thus proving that all people are one in spiritual understanding. Indeed, right now the future of all mankind depends on every person, and it is very important that everyone who has spiritually awakened, awakens as many of those who are still asleep. After all, many people still live in illusions of the indestructibility of their egocentric world and the world as a whole. But this entire illusion of safety is fragile, and is similar to thin ice under the feet of humanity, which can crack at any moment under the impacts of natural elements and winds of global changes, and fall into the haze of abyss.

To stop people from creating illusions about the safety of this world, I am compelled to inform them about the facts which only a few have known until today. Over the last few days, I’m emphasizing – days, not months, this fragile world has twice been on the verge of total destruction. In the first case, because of the ambitions and overconfidence of some aggressively-minded people, the whole world almost went into irretrievable emptiness. And only thanks to self-control, personal courage and sanity of other people, you can still see not only your own reflection in the mirror, but rejoice in communication with your children, relatives and friends. In the second case, the world has survived solely thanks to the One Who is still present in the world of people. This is a good reason to think about the fragility, the conditionality of this material world and the temporary existence of a human being in it. This is an opportunity to realize and make your decisive choice here and now, to sort out your thoughts and actions, to understand that we don’t have “tomorrow”, there is only this moment on the edge of the abyss, in which we are choosing between our total death or eternal life.

win personal armageddonA human being can only win his or her personal Armageddon by truly choosing the spiritual world and serving only it. Then the system will be powerless, as the person, having abandoned its directives, won’t allow a derivative of the Animal Mind will inside of him or her, will not allow even a thought of subordinating himself or herself to the Animal nature with its mortal illusions that are imposed on the person in human society. Alone, it is difficult to break the Animal mind system in human society, because its existence is based on the choices of spiritually sleeping people. But it is possible to do if all people unite.

Thank God, in this material world there are many people who have deep faith in good and justice, who are able to be friends loyally and unselfishly, who have the courage and determination to make responsible decisions. There are many good and kind people on Earth, but they don’t know about the existence of each other. It is important to give them Knowledge and to unite them on a spiritual basis – this is the first priority for all people of goodwill. There are no obstacles for spiritual power! There are no borders for friendship! If a person lives in unity with the spiritual world, then he or she is one with all spiritual people. Unite in friendship and multiply spiritual knowledge! Honour and Conscience are the essence of every human being, it’s just that these best qualities need to be awakened in every person. Hurry to spread the primordial spiritual knowledge now, so that tomorrow it wouldn’t be too late! Unite in spirit, so that the Truth can triumph! The system divides, while people unite! Your spiritual future and the future of all mankind is in your hands.

The system divides, while people unite!In the primordial spiritual knowledge, lies the power of the Awakening of a human and of mankind as a whole. People still have a chance to defeat Evil. The global unification of all peoples in the world on a spiritual basis will begin with the unification of the Slavs.Humanity still has a chance to survive and to create a civilization of the Good. A civilization of peace where people would live with an understanding that no one should endow another person with power, since only God has true power; no one should speak in the name of God, for a human is only a human. Just like there are no boundaries in heaven, there should be no boundaries between people, which separate them by the features of matter.

Now, every human being and the entire humanity stands at the threshold of the main choice. Evil is reaching its culmination, it is dividing and separating peoples by means of hatred, and triumphs in the minds of people. People have been given the AllatRa book, – the keys to the Primordial Knowledge brought into the world by Rigden. And only by uniting in this Truth, people will overcome the evil inside themselves and will be able to restore justice, order, and prosperity all over the world.

survival of mankindIf people choose the Truth, then humanity will be granted another thousand years, so that every soul, once it becomes mature, would return to God. When the last stronghold of the evil collapses in this world, a landmark event will take place for all peoples of the world. There, where the damaged pearl of the East is turned to the West on the top of the obelisk from the ancient country of Ra, peoples will place the primordial sign of creation and universal peace – the AllatRa sign. AllatRa will shine, the Pillar of Faith will shine, proclaiming the triumph of the Truth. Religions fighting for earthly power will fall. People will be united in the Truth, and everyone who chooses the world of God will gain salvation in their soul.

The survival of mankind in the nearest future is possible only in unity of all peoples. Otherwise, all of us will perish. Remember, a suicidal war or unity in peace and friendship begins in our consciousness, and only we ourselves choose what our human society should be like.

Anastasia Novykh

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