Kaleidoscope of facts

The Truth About the Anunnaki. Kaleidoscope of Facts 10

What do we know about the Anunnaki? Why is the information about them extremely limited and contradictory?

Who and for what purposes forms a negative attitude towards representatives of highly developed extraterrestrial civilizations?

Who is interested in distorting the facts?

What is the mission of the Anunnaki in the Universe and what role did they play during the key stages of the formation of humanity?

Will humanity be able to enter a new evolutionary turn of development and when will official contact with the Anunnaki take place?

The answers to these and many other questions will be given live on May 13th, 2021 at 15 GMT on the ALLATRA TV channel in the international study “Kaleidoscope of Facts. The Truth about the Anunnaki.” The broadcast will be conducted with simultaneous translation into more than 10 languages.

Videos with the participation of Igor Mikhailovich Danilov, in which these topics are raised:

Thought is material. This is proven

Benefits for a Human in the Creative Society

E-mail: info@allatra.tv


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