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The Truth and Chaff

Human life is very short. How to sort out numerous paths that lead to God? How not to get confused in volumes of chaff, distortions of the Truth, translation errors and interpretations from the mind by mediators? What has been lost in the holy scriptures of various religions? Why are people artificially divided even within one religion into “friends” and “foes” although God is One? How to find that Truth which is universal for everyone, which unites and brings people close as one human family with a common spiritual goal — to come to God? How can we all learn to respect and love each other, to live in God’s Love and not just dream about it while doing the opposite?

What does consciousness hook people on, and how does it immobilize them on the spiritual path? Research of human consciousness as a falsifier of events. Examples from litigation practice.

Historical facts. How were the holy scriptures created, and in which form are they presented to a modern person? How do substitutions creep into the holy scriptures as a result of translations into various languages at different times when a consumerist format of thinking is predominant?

Research and examples of various translations of the Bible and the Qur’an, which change the primordial meaning in favour of consumerist “traditions”. To fear God or to Love Him? To be a slave or to Serve? “Purification of faith” or “Sincerity of feelings”? Is Heaven an earthly place with houris and wealth, or is it an inner state of infinite Love? Was a human created twice? Where is the soul situated?

How and why did mediators (brahmin priests) emerge, who undertook the functions of interpreters of the holy scriptures in Hinduism? What is the “inner fire” in Zoroastrianism, the “state of Buddha” in Buddhism, and how is it all interpreted today in the format of consumerist world-view? How did the system embed substitutions, and what consequences has this led to in the modern world for people who seek the spiritual path? Who created mediators between God and a human being, and what for? How has the system divided people into “friends” and “foes”? Why is the fight still going on between people, based on their religious identity, meaning, their affiliation to one or another religion as organization?

Creative Society project. Importance of a group while conveying the Primordial Knowledge to other generations. Importance of a person’s attention, aspiration and desires: what he wants and where he invests his attention is exactly what’s implemented.

Human attention, the power of observation as a tremendous force — a significant factor for future discoveries in quantum physics. The attention of a human and the attention of animals: what is the major difference? What does it mean to focus human attention on the processes of creation? Primordial ALLATRA Physics and Bailian Jiao science. Experiments with time, how one can influence the future and influence the present from the future: mechanisms and particularities of the work of phantom and stationary particles at the microlevel. New opportunities of XP NRG.

How to change the future? A person’s choice.

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