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The Truth is Life or Death

…There are times when the Animal nature simply distorts or substitutes notions. For example, a person starts complaining: “I do everything for others but nobody does anything for me”. This is precisely a substitution. The Animal nature is a consumer. The Spiritual nature is the benefactor. If you trace the root of the offence, you will find it inside yourself. External resentment towards someone is a result of you losing to your Animal nature. Resentment indicates that you were wrong towards, first of all, yourself. Distrust in yourself and doubts arise from not knowing the Truth. Ignorance of the Truth – from reluctance to look inside yourself, for the Truth is there. The Truth is Life or Death.

Fear of the Truth, which comes from the Animal nature, distorts it, trying to postpone it. But the Truth is inevitable, no matter what choice the person makes. Not even a dungeon will deprive a luminous Soul of freedom and no earthly power will set free an animal doomed to death.

From the book “AllatRa”

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