The Universal Grain

The Universal Grain | Life. Love that Gives Freedom | Film 2. Part 1

“The Universal Grain. Life” is a story about what unites all people on the planet. What is the common foundation of values for humanity in the diversity of cultures, traditions, languages, and nationalities that are present nowadays? The film consists of numerous videos from all over the world in which people who live on different continents, of different nationalities, various religious beliefs, professions, and ages answer the questions and share their innermost understandings about life priorities, inner aspirations, about what is close and understandable for every person.
“The Universal Grain. Life” film is the first episode of a big film “Love that Gives Freedom”, which in turn is the second part of the film “The Universal Grain. The Choice” (2018). Everything we see in the film is the result of volunteers’ work. All of them unanimously took part in the project solely on a volunteer basis, inspired by the creative idea of “THE UNIVERSAL GRAIN” project and, by the international activity of the ALLATRA Movement in general. People from over 180 countries, thousands of correspondents, cameramen and all those who actively and enthusiastically conducted research, interviews and social surveys around the planet were involved in the creation of the film.

Along with a wide and varied social component, the film also implements a scientific approach. The research part is presented, where the project participants together with scientists from different countries raise the topic of the essence of human life, mission of a human, from the perspective of philosophy, culturology, religious studies, etymology, linguistics, and other sciences.


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