Kaleidoscope of facts

The unknown history of Atlantis: secrets and cause of destruction. Kaleidoscope of Facts. Episode 2

What happened to Atlantis? What is happening to our society today? How can we avoid repeating the fate of Atlantis? In order to get answers to these questions, it is necessary to figure out the true history of humankind.
On September 13th, 2020, an unprecedented event will take place — the second International Online Conference Kaleidoscope of Facts, based on the ALLATRA TV video Atlantis. The Elite in Search of Immortality.

Did Atlantis exist? Evidence of the existence of an antediluvian civilization in myths, legends, and scientific records.

El and his elite: who were they?
What structure of society was there in Atlantis?
What technologies did the Atlanteans possess? What did they know about artificial consciousness, and how did they use it? The elixir of youth is reality and not a myth.

12,000-year climatic cycle: how is the extinction of Atlantis related to this period? How did the ancients try to forewarn humanity of climatic cyclicity by means of certain buildings? What will our humanity choose: the fate of Atlantis or…?

How are the Sumerians related to the ancient system of underground tunnels, and why have we been living in a consumerist, slavish society since the time of Sumer?
How can humanity survive in view of the impetuous climatic changes and avoid the fate of Atlantis?

Truth liberates people, opens their eyes to the real essence of things, and enables them to make the right choice. It is time to learn the truth, drop the shroud, and honestly and openly look at the format in which we are now living. The time of the Creative Society has come!

Dear friends! We are happy to announce that simultaneous interpretation into various languages of the world will be provided on international channels of ALLATRA TV.

Video “Atlantis. The Elite in Search of Immortality

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