Knowledge of a person

The whole complexity lies in the simplicity

A lot of people all over the planet have spiritually awakened recently. The kind of knowledge and the way it was done do not really matter. All of us are unified by the Truth search. All of us feel the Soul and hear the Call of the native Home – the Spiritual world, and follow the “different ways to the same station”.

There is a majority of awakened ones. However, just a few became free…

…All of us realize that the material world is temporary and illusory. We are happy being in touch by feelings with the Spiritual world…


Why are we so addicted to this world of illusions?..

Why do we pay so much attention to the temporary manifestations and opportunities of the world of matter? In order to get an answer to this question we have to know the initial reason of person’s desires.

A desire is a result of the consciousness’s work that draws the Personality attention on achieving a specific goal. Initially a person has just one desire, which is a desire for knowledge. The consciousness as a part of the material world by using this initial desire of the Personality urges a person to cognize everything new by gaining experience in this world. It offers a person to act various parts on the stage of matter and the driven by curiosity Personality strives after new emotional experiences. However, when a person by feelings comes into contact with the Spiritual world bypassing the consciousness, he or she suddenly realizes that all the knowledge and experience of this three-dimensional world are illusory and imperfect.

The Personality realizes it… However, he or she is still not stable enough in one’s desire to release from the captivity of the Animal mind and return Home. The person in this case is like a winking lamp, which either conducts electricity or not. If there is a contact with the Spiritual world through the deepest feelings then a person conducts a light and strives for God, if not he or she is bogged down in matter.

Why this contact is not regular? Why is even a person able to feel the world of Eternity by Soul, is blinking again and again between two worlds?

Everything lies in trust. The Personality who does not entirely trust the Creator, will constantly apply by thoughts to the manifestations of this three-dimensional world with the following doubts from the mind: ”What if, I have missed something, have not experienced something, have not known something valuable? How will my nearest and dearest manage without me?”

Doubts are precisely a tool of our mind. Doubts are always emotional. Why? When a person is occupied with a “conversation” (there is this expression –“a conversation with God”), that is, inner perception through feelings of the Spiritual world, or the development of this perception through feelings, he has no room for doubts. Doubts are idleness of the mind, it is a game, it is egoism; behind this doubt always stands the desire for something else. It means a person doesn’t want to renounce this world and does not want to perceive that one. He wants to perceive that world, just in case, but he does not know it and he does not feel it. He is afraid to feel it because he is scared of losing this world. It seems to him that he might miss something. Some mistrust arises (to something or someone), even to God.

(From the programme “The Meaning of Life: Immortality”)

Instead of living every day by the Spiritual world in Trust and Love for God, setting one’s mind at rest and allowing Divine Providence to catch up oneself, the Personality continues to play safe and to turn over temporary opportunities of this world.

Everything is so simple…


According to your faith will it be done to you

Just having awakened I have decided to start this day with the decision;”Today I am totally entrusting myself in God’s hands. No matter what happens this day, I trust God and believe that He is always with me. All today’s circumstances I will accept with Love.” Having this thought I have not felt anything special either physically or through feelings. However, I have got this light and unobtrusive intuitive knowledge that I have been heard, I have been taken into one’s care. This knowledge as well as firmness in the made decision have given this feeling of inner peace and quiet. In addition a small gleam of joy has lighted up deep in my heart, which has been getting lighter with every hour.

The day started as usual. The brain had not completely awaken yet but the consciousness had already bustled choosing the various topics to be thought over. The body in its playfulness and cheerfulness slowly followed the brain waiting for a portion of physical exercises. As usual I came up to the window in order to bless the coming day after looking at the surrounding world with such a short, but very deep phrase: ”Love and Gratitude”. The morning met me with the darkness and the sound of rain in the background.

I was faced with the day full of events. I had to settle some uncoordinated issues at work. Based on the previous experience of deciding such issues I realized that some disputed situations could arise. However, this understanding did not bother me. I remembered about the decision to entirely trust God.

I was already walking to my working place meeting grey morning, rain and gloomy passers-by with the understanding that it would not be a light day. In spite of everything, the feeling of peace and gentle joy in my chest mounted and expanded. This inner state turned into outer reflection and a light smile appeared on my face without any control. I felt calm and tender Love towards the entire world flowing through me.

Before work I made some attempts to solve uncoordinated issues on my own, but without any success, that is why with the thought: ” …well, then everything was planned that way! It’s all in God’s hands”, I went to discuss these issues with my boss. As it was before in similar situations, his reaction to raised question was quite emotional. The first thought that appeared to my mind was that he replied me a little bit calmer than usual. However, having left the room, I realized that he reacted as usual. It was my reaction that was much more unruffled than before in such cases. I put all the questions I was interested in without any apprehensions and waited for the answers with the deep feeling of Love and understanding towards this person. The violent and emotional tone of my boss did not cause any reaction from my side, the state of peace and joy did not leave me even for a second, or, more precisely, it was I who did not leave this quiet space inside myself.

In fifteen minutes I was convinced once again that the system did not like the situations when something negative did not spread from one person to another, but faced an obstacle in the form of peace and full acceptance. After all, by denying or blaming for something we materialize this information by paying attention to it, but here the system was left without attention.

Then another situation appeared; one of my colleagues gripped by a whirlwind of negative emotions hurled at me a number of accusations. However, it did not provoke any reaction from my side. Absolutely nothing…As if it was addressed not to me. As if invisible wall appeared around me not allowing anything negative to penetrate inside. Instead of usual manifestation of the consciousness in the form of fury, censure or, on the contrary, offence and a feeling of guilt, I experienced emotional vacuum and peace.


What is your true essence?

Everyone has experienced emotional reaction to the claims of the people around. What else can be said if even the consciousness constantly lay claims to the Personality…More precisely, to the one the Personality considers oneself.

Have you ever thought why you are so bothered with the desire to remain good in somebody’s eyes, in one’s eyes? Why do you avoid people and events that make you feel not right or not welcome?

Fear and fury are the protective reactions of the consciousness. It forces you to protect oneself, uphold that image, that reputation, which has struck root in your self- perception.

Although do you protect yourself?

The Personality is a Spirit, and a Spirit is invulnerable. Whom do you protect? Is this you who protect?…

The consciousness instils the Personality its worthlessness. It makes a person think that he or she like everything material is temporary and unprotected before this world. The animal mind through the consciousness thrusts upon the Personality actions inherent in instincts and needs of the animals.

From the earliest years the consciousness dictates the Personality who she or he is, what is characteristic of her or him and what is not, thrusts upon the Personality thoughts of vulnerability before this world and other people. Those of the illusions, that the Personality has confirmed by paying one’s attention to them, are settled down and the Personality already associates oneself with this image. Believing that the formed image represents his or her personal qualities, a person protects this image before one’s consciousness and the consciousness of other people.

It’s such a good stroke of policy, when the consciousness starts fighting for you with itself. Do you understand? And you give the power of attention because you’re on the side of good. Tell me, who is the good one in your consciousness? Who is fighting for your Eternity, for your future Life, in your temporary and mortal consciousness? Answer, please.

(From the programme “The Meaning of Life: Immortality”)

This way a system gives rise to the illusion-association or ego in a person, so that a person believing that it is exactly his or her true essence would pay attention to the struggle for his or her putative essence.

Ego is such a complex demon, which main quality is pride. This complex consists of the small demons. Those are such emotional manifestations as greed, love of power, censure, guilt and so on. Each of these derivatives nourishes ego.

As soon as the Personality realizes that there is no any sense to pay attention to protect an illusion-demon, learns to accept all the manifestations of this world and other people with Love and understanding, he or she will begin to live by Spirit, not by ego. Then a person will attain the Holy Spirit, but not to spend Allat power on the system of Animal mind through ego.


You are a part of symphony. Do not break harmony.

My first conscious day in full trust in the Divine Providence has not ended by that. I have faced the tasks which have not seemed easy to solve at the first sight. However, as soon as I have set my mind at rest and smiled upon far-fetched significance of the problems, everything has begun to be settled by itself.

Prove God that you are a Human and God will believe in you.

(The book by Anastasia Novykh “Birds and Stones”)

Everything happening around and inside of me has granted me an instant of the spiritual enlightenment, I have thought: “How well everything is thought-out by God. Till tiny details. Everything in His Plan is so simple that seems to be genius and every task has a simple solution. And what about people?… We do not trust God, play safe in any possible way, suggesting that we are relying on ourselves, take a lot of unnecessary actions. However, a human does not have own will. As we know from revelations of Rigden Djappo in the book “AllatRa”, there are only two wills in this world – the Will of God and the will of the Animal mind, a person can only choose which Will to serve, what to pay attention to. It turns out that when we do not trust God and decide to do everything on our own we thereby fall under the influence of the opposite will. That is the root of all the problems! The Animal mind will not miss a chance to confuse the Personality in its cunning tricks in order to seize its energy through the various emotional experiences. Then people complain of the fact that a failure follows a failure and there is no ray of hope. The matter is that a person without realizing it fell under the influence of the Animal mind and begun serving its consumer interests.”

The main thing that is needed to be in the Spirit is to grasp God’s hand. Just to accept that fact that everything already exists in this world and there is nothing more to wish. After all, any fantasy or desire is an aspiration to be ahead of God’s Plans, it is distrust to His Will.

What is the essence of the majority of desires? Everything, which seemed important yesterday, becomes nothing tomorrow. We are examined again and again on faith sincerity and firmness of Love for God. Sometimes a person does not understand that a bright Love that he feels in him or herself is Love of his or her Spirit for God which always exists and gets a response. He or she can redirect this Love for outer manifestations, however, a process of feelings’ generation should be carefully analyzed, and then it becomes clear to Whom they are addressed.

An attachment to any desires or temporary opportunities of this world is always an indicator that a person does not believe God. That a person trusts more visible material manifestations and he or she is afraid to leave this three-dimensional world, because he does not believe in Love of the Spiritual world.

When you trust God, a full understanding appears that all the difficulties and temptations are just lessons from the strict Teacher, just a verification of Love and trust in God. Those are conditions providing the Personality with opportunity to become a mature Spiritual Being. Then you perceive all life events as engrossing process of cognition and spiritual growth.

God settled people on the Earth, which was specially created for humankind, with seas, land, plants, and various animals. Lucifer created a human body in which God placed a soul, thus giving birth to two natures: the spiritual and the animal. The power of thought was given by God to humans as the Children of God. While the mind became a battlefield where the thoughts of both natures fought. It is this that proves the creation of humans by God and Lucifer together. It is this that shows that Lucifer was and remains the right hand of God as he actively participated in the creation of the human and actively participates in the education of his soul… Thus, Lucifer enabled people to understand and to learn perfectly what is good and what is bad. God gave people freedom of choice between these two natures. Since then, Lucifer has looked after people.

– Why does Lucifer call himself the Legion?

– For the same reason: because he acts through thoughts of our animal nature. As a rule, there are legions of these thoughts. Here, just observe yourself. It may seem to you that you are thinking only one thought, which is exactly your own. But try to keep this thought in your mind for even ten minutes, and you will be surprised how many different unnecessary thoughts appear in your head. This is the legion. Therefore, figuratively speaking, Lucifer is always present in us, testing our certainty, the strength of our Love for God.

(From the book by Anastasia Novykh “Sensei of Shambala. Book 1”)

How right it was noticed by Igor Mikhailovich in the programme ”Unity” that even our parents do not look after us so much as God does. He anticipates any situation, takes care of all the nuances. When you in practice come across this manifestation of God’s Love to a person then nothing else but Love and Gratitude appear in response. Having felt this care and support, you do not want to return to the illusion from the system that “one should play safe”. You do not want to change magic and happiness of being in His Will to temporary earthly emotional experiences. Why should you back out of God’s Plan and serve the plans of the Animal mind, which uses you and takes away the resources that are so essential for liberation, if there is a possibility to live every day by God, attaining the Holy Spirit and becoming a part of the Spiritual world?


Do not tell people about God. Live to be asked.

Now I start every day with the full trust in God. Words fail to express that fullness and happiness, reconciliation and peaceful joy of being in His Will. I only observe how the deepest feelings are pouring through my Soul from the world of Eternity, how Love of God every day works little wonders. All this originate from the inner peace and quiet.

Although, it does not mean that one should stop working on oneself every day, stop getting rid of patterns and stop extending the perception by feelings through the spiritual practices and meditations. Trust does not mean to shift off responsibility.

Having become a true believer, a person, who trusts God and lives by God, perceives everything with Love, that is why everything illusory disappears, becomes transparent and the Genuine can be seen through it.

In order to get rid of all material attachments you should not plan how to do it, there is no need for long preparations. You should make a decision and release from earthly desires, not in fear, but Love-Love for God. Just Here and Now you make a decision to fully trust God, accepting everything in this world with Love and understanding, living every day in the Unity with Him, that means with everything existing.

After all, many of us know and often mutter the soul-saving prayer, revealed to us in the book “Sensei of Shambala. Book 2” by Anastasia Novykh. So, isn’t it time to move beyond words to action and be in God and serve His Plans in practice?

My true Father,
In You the One I trust
And I pray to You, oh Lord (my Lord)
Just for my Soul’s salvation.
May Your Holy Will be
My strength on this path,
For life without You is but an empty moment,
And only in service to You is life Eternal.


Written by Yana Shantarova

AllatRa Vesti

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