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The World Has Changed!

The world will never be the same as it was yesterday. The climate is gaining momentum. The orbit in the shells of atomic structures of hydrogen and carbon has changed. However, people don’t want to see this because they have built their plans, because they have ideas, and they have planned their lives. In other words, they have created for themselves a dominant image of their future, and now it is being destroyed by reality.

Don’t they see climatic changes? They do. Haven’t changes occurred in our atmosphere? And what are they caused by? Not only by heating of the ocean but also by circulation and new flows of magma. Don’t people see that magma rivers are changing their channels and magma is already coming very close to the Earth’s surface? They do see that. Don’t they see that the world is changing before their eyes? They do. So why don’t they speak about this? They are not allowed to. Even journalists are not allowed to write the objective truth about those very fires, floods, earthquakes and landslides, about the hell the survivors are going through, not to mention the dead.

People believe in nonsense, but they do not understand reality. They reject whatever does not correspond to their dreams, desires, and plans. It is difficult for them to part with their dreams, especially when they have built many promising plans. Should they now refuse everything, or what? Yes, they should refuse. Yes, the time has come because the world has already changed.

Videos with Igor Mikhailovich Danilov

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